Sunday, February 10, 2013

Paracord Projects

Interested in survival shows, or do you go camping or hunting a lot? Then look into para-cord. It is an excellent tool in survival. I use 550 para-cord to make my projects. 550 para-cord means that it can hold 550 lbs., the casing holds 200 lbs and each inner strand holds 50 lbs. There are 7 inner strands. The inner strands can also be used as fishing line in a survival situation.

Survival uses:
1.) Use as fishing line or fishing net - The inner strands can be taken out and used as 50lb test fishing line. You can also construct a fishing net using the right tying techniques.
2.) Create a shelter - By tying branches or other material together you can create a makeshift shelter. You can also stay off the ground by constructing a hammock.
3.) Create traps or trip wires - Using the inner strands of the paracord you can create a snare trap for small animals or a trip wire to act as a security warning for predators or attackers. There are many different types of animal traps you can make.
4.) Fire starter - By using your paracord to make a bow drill (like seen on many survivor shows) you can create a fire much faster than any other method using only wood.
5.) Medical uses - You can make a tourniquet to stop a wound from bleeding, or create a sling to secure a broken arm. You can even use the inner strands as dental floss.
6.) Obstacles - You can use paracord to repel down a cliff, or climb up a tree.
7.) Bear bag - By hanging your food in a tall tree, you can keep the bears or other ground animals from stealing your food.
8.) YOU NAME IT - Paracord is useful for so many things, the military uses it, i have even heard of someone being able to tow a car out of a ditch by braiding the paracord enough times to get thousands of pounds of strength to do so.