Friday, April 15, 2011

How to make you computer run faster

If your computer has been slowing down over the time you have owned it and wish to recover that lost speed, here are some things you can try to make it running like new again.

If your computer is running normally and you want it to run even faster, skip to steps 5, 6, and 7.

1. First of all make sure you don't have a virus or anything else harmful to your computer by running anti-virus software. Do a full system scan and let it run, it may take a very long time but if it does find something your computer will be healthier and faster. If you don't have anti-virus software or yours is expired and don't want to pay for it i would recommend downloading AVG anti-virus the free edition, or Avast anti-virus the free edition.
2. After performing a system scan and it did not find anything or there is no change in performance, the second thing i would recommend is cleaning up all of the unused files and programs that you do not need.
You can start by deleting any unused icons on the desktop, for example if you don't use iTunes move it to the trash this won't delete the program just the shortcut icon, you can still get to iTunes after deleting the icon in the all programs bar on the start menu. Then move to the my documents folder and remove anything you do not need anymore, old photos, music, videos, anything you don't want and continue with any other folders you come across.
You can also remove any programs you don't use by clicking on the start menu, and then click on control panel, and lastly click on add or remove programs. Go through each program and determine if you need it and if not click uninstall.

3. Another way of speeding up your computer is to defragment your hard drive. You can do this by clicking on the start menu, clicking on control panel, clicking on performance and maintenance, and lastly clicking on rearrange items on your hard disk to make programs run faster, once open click on the defragment button.

4. One thing I would recommend and is only to be performed when you are having so many problems with your computer, and it is running extremely slow that you feel like throwing it away or getting a new one, is a full system restore. If successfully performed your computer will run like when you first bought it straight from the factory. Before running a system restore make sure you back up all the files and programs you want to save, because this will delete everything, even your office software. Use a external hard drive to copy all of your files and programs. To perform a system restore there might be an option on your computer that will let you do this, or you will have to use the disk that came with the computer that has the operating system for example windows XP. Either way there will be instructions that guide you through the process.

5. After all of these things are done and you feel your computer is still slow or you have an older computer, you may want to start upgrading it, the main things that will increase your computers speed is ram (or memory) and putting in a solid state drive. Take your computer in to a place that sells computer parts and ask them if your computer can handle more ram (or memory), you can also check online by typing in your computer model and running a search, if not you can still put a solid state drive in it or have to start looking for a new computer to get the speed you want.
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6. If websites are slow on your computer it could mean that your computer is slow but only if programs on your computer are also slow, most likely it is because you have slow internet. Think about upgrading to a higher speed.

7. Another suggestion for making your internet run faster is to upgrade to the new edition of Firefox, it is much safer than internet explorer, and much faster, If you want to keep your existing browser make sure it is up to date.

I am not responsible for any damages you may cause to your computer, perform these suggestions at your own risk.

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