Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to get more performance and gas mileage from your car.

The first thing I would recommend to get for your car is a higher flowing air filter, I recommend a K&N lifetime air filter, these air filters never need to be changed, only cleaned at 50,000 miles of use. They let in more air into your vehicle allowing for better combustion, which means more power and efficiency. K&N also makes a Cold Air Intake that replaces your existing intake on your car, this allows even more air and adds a little more volume from your engine. The intake kits are generally a lot more expensive. For the average person I would recommend the K&N drop in replacement filter.
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The second thing I would do is purchase a Dynomax Super Turbo Muffler and have it installed on your car. These mufflers, I believe are the best you can get. Instead of being obnoxiously loud like other mufflers you may hear on the road, they add a nice hum to your vehicle. They provide a lot more air flow than the stock muffler, which means more performance and gas mileage. It gives your car a great tone; not too loud but at a perfect volume that you will enjoy.
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Doing these to upgrades on your car will make it sound great, perform great, and help with gas mileage.

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