Sunday, February 19, 2012

Diffent types of Light

There are many different types of light available for use. The main three I will be talking about are; Incandescent/Halogen, florescent and L.E.D. 

Warm white vs. cool white
Warm white light recreates the look of incandescent light bulbs (a yellowish look), where as cool white is very white.

Incandescent/Halogen light bulbs are the standard light bulbs that have been used for years and are still being used. Halogens save a little bit more electricity than incandescent bulbs but are still the least efficient than the other two. These lights are very inefficient, they use a lot of energy to produce light. In a place like a car this may not matter, because the electricity is available as long as the vehicle is running.

Fluorescent light bulbs are more efficient and a way of reducing electricity cost.  This type of bulb can save up to 80% on light bulb cost, but they contain harsh chemicals that can be dangerous if the bulb is broken. Available in warm white and cool white. These bulbs are typically not found in most cars.

L.E.D. bulbs are the most efficient light bulbs of the three. They are relatively new, so they are the most expensive. These light bulbs can save up to 90% of light bulb electricity cost, and they last the longest. They are also safe for your home and shock resistant, so they are more durable than other bulbs for use in cars. Available in warm white and cool white.

For home use, I would recommend using L.E.D. light bulbs where ever possible, and fluorescent for when you can not use L.E.D. This light set up will be the most efficient and provide a great light output for the cost. You may have to pay extra, but they save you money over time.

For car use, I would recommend using L.E.D. in every place interior and exterior, except for headlight use. L.E.D. will give you more light output than the stock light bulbs while still using less electricity and are instant on/ instant off which makes other drivers see your lights sooner, which results in safer driving.

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