Saturday, August 25, 2012

Upgrading a Tippmann 98 Custom paintball gun

What it looked like Stock

 Upgrading a Tippmann 98 Custom

 People upgrade paintball guns in all types of ways and styles.

 For my Tippmann, I focused on performance. Everything on my marker increases performance in some way.

Paintball guns can shoot very fast, but the hopper that holds the paintballs may not feed quick enough. Since they are not feeding fast enough you will end up firing blanks a couple times, or chop a ball and cause paint to explode in your marker, witch makes every other paint ball after that break. To fix this problem, purchase a cyclone feed hopper. Here is a quote from Tippmann's website, "The Cyclone Feed System links the feeder sprocket to the air system for synchronized ball feed for reduced breakage and jamming. It feeds up to 15 balls per second and includes a wide mouth 200 Round Hopper that attaches via quick release elbow." This means that it uses the excess co2 gas that you waist every time you pull the trigger to power the hopper, there is no need for batteries.
Hopper continued...
Now that you have upgraded to the cyclone feed hopper, you now can upgrade it so it can shoot more than 15 balls a second. This is especially good when using a response or electronic trigger. The best site to get parts for this is Techtpaintball.

This particular barrel that i chose is called a flatline platinum series barrel. Here is another quote from Tippmann, "The New Flatline® Platinum Series Barrel features quick thread design that easily attaches like any other barrel. Designed for range and accuracy, and eliminating the need to arch your shot, the Tippmann® Flatline Barrel System uses patented technology to create backspin for a level and precise shot. Increases range by 100 ft" Not only can you shoot farther and more accurate with this barrel, but it also comes with a picatinny rail kit.

Expansion Chamber front grip
Adding an expansion chamber allows the liquid co2 in your tank to expand into a gas before it is used in your gun. Not only does this improve efficiency, but it also keeps the gas at a constant velocity for each shot. Now your gun with never freeze up, even if you play in the cold rain.

Double Trigger
Since I started playing paintball with a spyder brand paintball gun, i was used to having a double trigger. For me I feel i can shoot the gun faster with a double trigger.

Adding a stock to a paintball gun allows you to place it against your shoulder like a real gun. It also helps with stability and accuracy. I chose a folding and collapsible stock for my gun, so it would work well in tight quarters and when sniping.

I have added a red/green dot site to my marker. Paintball guns are not the most accurate shooting guns, but they can shoot fairly consistent. A sight allows me to not have to guess where the first shot is going to be. Without a sight you are most likely to miss your first shot and scare your opponent into hiding, when you could have had a direct hit in the first place with a sight.

Lastly i have disassembled the entire marker to polish the internals. There are many videos out there with steps on how to do this to your marker. Once your marker is in two halves, use painters steel wool to polish the bolt and trigger area so they run smooth and fast. This can increase your rate of fire if done correctly.

There are many ways to customize your Tippmann marker, how you do it is up to you.

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