Friday, November 11, 2011

Things most people don't know you can put in a smoker!

    Not many people know that more things than just meat can be put in a smoker.
Sauces, peppers, fish, cheese, ham, chicken, nuts, there are endless possibilities. Experiment with new things and you might be pleasantly surprised what you can create with your smoker.

Smoked Salmon and Salmon Jerky
  Smoked Chicken

Smoked Almonds or any nut
Smoked Tuna and Tuna Jerky


Smoked Ham
Smoked Vegetables

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Choosing The Right Blu-ray Player

Get your self a blu-ray player here!

As always you are going to want to stick with name brands you are familiar with, unless you do your research and check the reviews on other brands.

Secondly, when choosing a blu-ray player you want to make sure it can up-convert normal DVDs to 1080p, that way older movies look almost as great as blu-ray discs on your HDTV.

Thirdly, it is a good idea to purchase a blu-ray player that can connect to the internet, that way it stays up to date and can fix any problems or add new features as time goes by. Also if it is capable of having applications or other internet features that is a plus as well.

The blu-ray player does not have to play 3d blu-ray discs, unless you have a 3d HDTV. But if the blu-ray player you are looking at has that capability, it is a great feature to have just in case you decide on getting a 3d HDTV in the future.

If your looking to get the best picture out of a blu-ray disc, make sure the player you decide on can output picture in 1080p/24p.
Click here to learn about how to get the best picture and audio from your HDTV and Blu-Ray player using the right cables. 
...or looking to get a new blu-ray player and HDTV at the same time Click here to learn what to look for when deciding on a new HDTV.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fried California Roll Recipe

To make imitation crab

  • Imitation Crab
  • One Red Onion
  • Mayonnaise
  • Lemon Juice
  • Black Pepper
 To make California roll
  • Nori
  • White Rice
  • Avocado
  • Cucumber
Ingredients for frying
  • Penco breadcrumbs
  • Flour
  • Eggs
  • Canola or Vegetable Oil
  • Eal Sauce
  • Spicy Mayo (optional)
  • Jalapeno(optional)

Before you begin prepare a frier with either canola or vegetable oil at a very high temperature

1. First we will make the Imitation crab
  • Mix imitation crab, red onion, a very small amount of mayonnaise, a small amount of lemon juice, and black pepper.
  • You could use store bought imitation crab alone and it would work just fine.
2. Next we will make the California roll with nori on the outside.
  • Place a sheet of nori flat on a bamboo roller
  • cover nori with white rice
  • add imitation crab, avocado, and cucumber
  • Roll bamboo to form California roll
3. Take the California roll and give it a light flour dusting over the whole roll
4. egg wash it and roll in Penco breadcrumbs
5. Quickly dunk roll in the hot oil and then remove, it doesn't take long for it to fry.
6. Now slice and plate the roll
7. If you want it to be a little spicy add a drop of spicy mayonnaise on each roll and then place a thin slice of jalapeno on top of that.
8. lastly apply Eal sauce in a zig-zag pattern over entire dish.

How to get more performance and gas mileage from your car.

The first thing I would recommend to get for your car is a higher flowing air filter, I recommend a K&N lifetime air filter, these air filters never need to be changed, only cleaned at 50,000 miles of use. They let in more air into your vehicle allowing for better combustion, which means more power and efficiency. K&N also makes a Cold Air Intake that replaces your existing intake on your car, this allows even more air and adds a little more volume from your engine. The intake kits are generally a lot more expensive. For the average person I would recommend the K&N drop in replacement filter.
click here to go to K&N website

The second thing I would do is purchase a Dynomax Super Turbo Muffler and have it installed on your car. These mufflers, I believe are the best you can get. Instead of being obnoxiously loud like other mufflers you may hear on the road, they add a nice hum to your vehicle. They provide a lot more air flow than the stock muffler, which means more performance and gas mileage. It gives your car a great tone; not too loud but at a perfect volume that you will enjoy.
click here to go to Dynomax website
Doing these to upgrades on your car will make it sound great, perform great, and help with gas mileage.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

What you need to know about car audio!

First of all lets talk about the head unit. The head unit in a car is the actual radio and CD player in the car located in your dash. This powers all of your speakers and is a main part to change when considering to upgrade your car audio. The stock head unit in most cars do not have many features or a lot of power capable of providing good quality sound. When looking for a new head unit you must determine whether it is a single din or a double din. Single din head units are half as tall as a double din head unit, that is how you usually determine this. Once you have figured out the size din you can go shopping for a new head unit. A new head unit might offer great new options such as a DVD player with built in screen, availability for a mp3 player input, satellite radio input. Some also have Bluetooth capability and HD radio. The more features the higher the price is going to be. And with all products sticking with a name brand is usually a good idea.

Now that you have a head unit picked out you need to find some good speakers that will go along with it. This step is not necessary, you can still get good sound out of your stock speakers sometimes by just changing the head unit alone, but it will sound much better to get new speakers as well to compliment the new head unit. You can either decide to buy speakers based on your head unit or based on an amplifier you can add to your set up. If you base your speakers on your head unit check the head unit's specifications. If the head unit says (50w RMS x 4ch) this means the head unit can power a minimum of one speaker per channel and with the proper wattage of 50 RMS. So to find a speaker you must choose one that has a RMS wattage rating of a little under 50 (its a little less so that we make sure the speaker can be completely powered for better sound)and a max wattage of at least double the RMS wattage or if it is listed on your head unit a little more max wattage than what is listed (this is to prevent your speaker from blowing out). The RMS wattage is the amount of power the speaker can handle while still maintaining good clarity. Max wattage is the total power a speaker can handle before it starts to overheat and fail or blow out. You can add more speakers per channel, but most people stick to one speaker per channel. If you are using an amplifier with your set up instead of basing your speakers on the head unit you base them on the amplifier. The amplifier ends up over riding your head unit and you just use the specifications that are listed on the amp to choose speakers, using the same RMS and max wattage information talked about above. A general rule that is good to remember is that Max wattage is usually twice as much as the RMS wattage rating, and that is if you had to guess because it is not listed anywhere.

Speakers come in many shapes and sizes make sure they will work with your car, the best bet is to match the size of the existing speakers or you will have to do some custom work to get new ones ti fit. Speakers can be one way, and go up from there to three way and four way. What this means is it breaks the speaker up into sections. It breaks it up into a woofer, mid woofer, and a tweeter (more if its more than three way). The tweeter then handles all of the high level audio, the mid woofer handles all of the middle tones, and the woofer handles most of the low tones or bass. Three way speakers or higher can sound extremely well because of the way it breaks up the sound, but it is all based on price and preference.

You can also add a separate sub-woofer to your system to get some more deep bass. You can add this to your amplifier there should be an option on the amp, or some head units may offer this option. Sub-woofer enclosures can be custom built to fit your car, they can be purchased already made or you can replace your rear speakers with sub-woofers if you like.

If you follow this helpful guide you should be able to choose the right set up for your car. But i still advise you to seek some help if you are unsure about anything, you don't want to mess up anything in your car.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ice Cream Maker

Looking for something to help you stay cool during summer? How about making your own ice cream with the Cuisinart one and a half quart ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet maker.

This is a great product, and makes ice cream in about 30min, everything else takes even less time. Another great thing about this product is that it does not use any ice or salt. You put the bowl in the freezer and when your ready its ready and you can start mixing your recipe into your favorite homemade ice cream. You don't have to make only ice cream, you can make sorbets, slushy drinks, frozen yogurt, and gelato.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Make your own smoothies and ice cream drinks

One way to stay cool on a hot day is to make smoothies or ice cream drinks.
With a blender smoothies and other drinks are a snap to make, and easy to clean afterwards. Some come with multiple large glasses, like the ones pictured below.
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My smoothie recipe:
It will work with any fruit that you want.

One whole banana sliced,
four strawberries,
one tablespoon of honey,
one and a half cups of milk,
two cups of crushed ice.

blend together and you have an instant smoothie.
You don't have to use bananas and strawberries, you can replace them with any fruits you like, just be sure to only fill the blending cup half with fruit or you will be unable to fit the other ingredients in.

My malt ice cream recipe:
You can add fruit to this as well.

Fill 3/4 of the blending cup with vanilla ice cream,
fill the other1/4 with milk,
Carnation Malted Milk, Original, 13-Ounce Jars (Pack of 3)
add two tablespoons of Nestle Carnation malted milk.

Blend together and you have an instant malt shake
to add fruit reduce the ice cream amount to 1/2 of the blending cup, and fill 1/4 of the cup with fruit. (EX. Banana malt shake)

Friday, April 15, 2011

DIY - Restoring fiberglass on a boat or RV

A great product to use when restoring fiberglass, on a boat or RV is Meguiar's fiberglass restoration system, or if you just want to remove oxidation and use your own wax, Meguiar's Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover.

The first thing to do is make sure that your boat or RV is parked in a shady area, it is not recommended to do this in the sun.

To apply the cream you must use a micro fiber towel, or microfiber sponge and message it into the fiberglass almost like a wax, and then remove with a separate microfiber towel not a sponge.
Or you can use a orbital buffer to apply the cream, and then use a microfiber towel to remove it, this way saves a lot of time, but if it is not a flat surface i recommend using a microfiber sponge to get into the cracks you can not reach with the orbital buffer.

After restoring your boat or RV back like new make sure you keep up with your waxing to make sure it does not become oxidized again.

 As you can see there is a big difference, and it even removed the Glastron sticker residue left on the boat after they were removed.

How to make you computer run faster

If your computer has been slowing down over the time you have owned it and wish to recover that lost speed, here are some things you can try to make it running like new again.

If your computer is running normally and you want it to run even faster, skip to steps 5, 6, and 7.

1. First of all make sure you don't have a virus or anything else harmful to your computer by running anti-virus software. Do a full system scan and let it run, it may take a very long time but if it does find something your computer will be healthier and faster. If you don't have anti-virus software or yours is expired and don't want to pay for it i would recommend downloading AVG anti-virus the free edition, or Avast anti-virus the free edition.
2. After performing a system scan and it did not find anything or there is no change in performance, the second thing i would recommend is cleaning up all of the unused files and programs that you do not need.
You can start by deleting any unused icons on the desktop, for example if you don't use iTunes move it to the trash this won't delete the program just the shortcut icon, you can still get to iTunes after deleting the icon in the all programs bar on the start menu. Then move to the my documents folder and remove anything you do not need anymore, old photos, music, videos, anything you don't want and continue with any other folders you come across.
You can also remove any programs you don't use by clicking on the start menu, and then click on control panel, and lastly click on add or remove programs. Go through each program and determine if you need it and if not click uninstall.

3. Another way of speeding up your computer is to defragment your hard drive. You can do this by clicking on the start menu, clicking on control panel, clicking on performance and maintenance, and lastly clicking on rearrange items on your hard disk to make programs run faster, once open click on the defragment button.

4. One thing I would recommend and is only to be performed when you are having so many problems with your computer, and it is running extremely slow that you feel like throwing it away or getting a new one, is a full system restore. If successfully performed your computer will run like when you first bought it straight from the factory. Before running a system restore make sure you back up all the files and programs you want to save, because this will delete everything, even your office software. Use a external hard drive to copy all of your files and programs. To perform a system restore there might be an option on your computer that will let you do this, or you will have to use the disk that came with the computer that has the operating system for example windows XP. Either way there will be instructions that guide you through the process.

5. After all of these things are done and you feel your computer is still slow or you have an older computer, you may want to start upgrading it, the main things that will increase your computers speed is ram (or memory) and putting in a solid state drive. Take your computer in to a place that sells computer parts and ask them if your computer can handle more ram (or memory), you can also check online by typing in your computer model and running a search, if not you can still put a solid state drive in it or have to start looking for a new computer to get the speed you want.
Get a new computer here!

6. If websites are slow on your computer it could mean that your computer is slow but only if programs on your computer are also slow, most likely it is because you have slow internet. Think about upgrading to a higher speed.

7. Another suggestion for making your internet run faster is to upgrade to the new edition of Firefox, it is much safer than internet explorer, and much faster, If you want to keep your existing browser make sure it is up to date.

I am not responsible for any damages you may cause to your computer, perform these suggestions at your own risk.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to get the best picture and sound quality

OK, you just bought a new HDTV and surround sound system, but how do you hook them up to produce the best picture and sound? To get the best picture and sound you need to chose the right cables.

Types of cables:

GE 23275 RG59 Coaxial Video Cable with F Plugs at Each End (White, 15 Feet)Coaxial cable: is the worst type of cable available to produce video and sound. Though it will work just fine for antennas or to link a connection from a cable or satellite box to the poll or satellite.

Cables To Go 40448 Value Series RCA Type Audio Video Cable (6 Feet, Black)Composite video: Is a little better than a coaxial cable but cannot produce high definition picture. It is usually bundled up with analog audio cables, these are also better than a coaxial cable but are not capable of creating true surround sound, they work well for mono or stereo sound.

S-Video Cable 6 ft. Gold PlatedS-Video cable: this cable will produce a better picture than composite or coaxial but cannot produce high definition picture.

Mediabridge - RCA Component Video Cable with Audio - 6ftComponent cables: these cables split picture into three cables to produce a high quality picture that can support high definition video.

Belkin AV20000-06 PureAV Digital Optical Cable (6 feet)Digital optical cables
Belkin PureAV AV20100-06 6-Foot Digital Coaxial Audio CableDigital coaxial cables: these cables offer superior quality sound and are capable of producing surround sound.

Xtremehd 2M Analog Audio CableAnalog Multi-Channel sound cables: these cables split the sound into channels using analog audio cables to produce the highest level of surround sound.

Cables To Go - 28012 - 10ft Pro Series HD15 M/M SVGA Monitor Cable with Ferrites (Black) 
VGA cables: these are mainly used with computers and are capable of producing high definition video.
Cables To Go 26911 DVI-D Male/Male Dual Link Digital Video Cable, White Connectors (2 Meter/6.56 Feet)DVI cables: these are also found on computers and other devices and can produce high definition video.

AmazonBasics High Speed HDMI Cable (6.5 Feet / 2.0 Meters) - Supports Ethernet, 3D, and Audio Return [NEW MODEL]HDMI: this cable is the best of the best! It is capable of doing each thing of every cable mentioned above. It produces the highest quality high definition video and the highest quality surround sound including built in multi-channel sound support. The greatest thing about it is that it is only one cable. These types of cables can also support 3d high definition video.

When hooking up your new T.V. try to use HDMI cables the most to get the highest quality picture and sound available.